Thursday, March 24, 2011


I can’t speak for any one but myself on this, but to me this is the biggest pain for really a simple task that I can think of! I can end up taking 30 minutes to do a 5 minute job. I just never can remember how the locking mechanism works to take off and put on the blades! You definitely want to make sure you get them on and locked properly. Nothing will make you pucker quicker than getting caught in a hard down pour and when you turn on your wipers watching them fly off into the great unknown! You’ll not only can’t see the road, but chances are good that the wiper arms will end up scratching your windshield and you’ll end up having to pay some one to remove the scratches.

If your wipers are not completely cleaning your windshield, then it is time to replace them. Go to your local auto parts store and look up what size blades fit your car. They’ll have a wiper blade book, or one of those push button info centers for blades that you can use to find the correct size blades for your car. If you have a Wal-mart (or a store like it), you can get the blades there and probably save a buck or two. The upside to getting them at an auto parts store is you can probably get the a customer service rep to install them for you. There are various styles (single edge, triple edge, all weather, etc) to choose from, and that is something you will have to decide for yourself. If you live in a place that has ice and snow, then that should be a consideration when choosing your blades. I (with my son’s help) installed a “winter weather blade” (it has a soft covering over the entire blade) that keeps ice from forming on the blade. It worked really well.

Bottom line is this may be a 5 minute job for you, or if you are anything like me, a 30 minute job! If you need to change the whole wiper arm, that’s another can of worms. I’ve included a video from carpartsdirect that should give you a fair idea of how to change the blades. Til next time – enjoy life!


  1. Hey dude, a bit off topic but I was just wondering if you could tell me what is involved things like "6 point vehicle health check" that road side assistance companies provide in their policies?

    Do you know what these are likely to be? I figured it would be like checking fluid levels, tire condition...can you tell me?

    Would appreciate it.

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